Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th Parade News

The float we decorated for Baristanet came in second place in the local Montclair, NJ parade!!! Yay for all those creative talents at Rock Paper Scissors ... and all of those hours we spent making fabulous flowers and tomatoes and corn and pea pods! The "float" looked fantastic, the kids were adorable in their flower and farmer hats, and we had so much fun with the Baristanet gang putting it all together.

Thanks to Debbie and all the folks at Baristanet for having confidence in us to pull it all off! And thanks for feeding us, too!

Do these kids look adorable or what! I heard rumor that they helped get the garden "watered" by the squirt gun gang.

Special thanks to Khristina who sewed her little fingers off and then braved the 98 degree heat to help me decorate the truck! Special thanks, too, to all the gang at Rock Paper Scissors who put aside regular duties this week to make such lovely homegrown specialties for the float. You continue to be an amazing staff and I love working with you every day!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th!



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  2. Well, if that was 2nd place, I'd love to see 1st. This float looks fabulous! I think my mom would've tried to steal the truck if she had seen this. Great job!

  3. Thanks to all at Rock Paper Scissors! Our float was truly awesome and we had a great time at the parade.

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