Monday, September 20, 2010

The Joy of Writing

I am one of those people who still go through the mail each day hoping for a little note. Just a quick word from a friend or loved one. It was a joy to receive mail as a kid and still is to this day. I grew up before cell phones and free long distance. When I flew to the other side of the country for college, letters were how we kept in touch. I couldn't afford long distance phone calls so, instead, we all wrote. I still have every one of the letters that my dad sent me, some of the only physical reminders I have of him.

In addition to receiving mail, I also love to make cards. They are so much fun. With a piece of beautiful paper and some trim and stamps and - my favorite - some vintage images, you can quickly put together something that speaks exactly to the recipient. Though I still love cards with goofy songs and those hilarious Shoebox cards, I would much rather put together something fun or sentimental that comes from my heart.

So, I am embarking on a mission. I will send at least one handmade and handwritten card every week from now until the end of the year. They can be handmade by me or from another talented card and paper maker but they must be handwritten by me. With a stamp. Sent through the regular old postal service.

My inspiration for this idea came from my dear friend, Susan. She is the creative power behind Happenstance Creations, a lovely stationery company dedicated to the written word. Susan believes so strongly in writing to others. She creates beautiful illustrations and makes the loveliest cards and notes from them, printed on gorgeous high quality paper. The beautiful note above is from her line. But Susan doesn't stop there. She writes the loveliest notes to all of us. Short and sweet and always from her heart. I just love it when I see her handwriting on an envelope in my mail box. Check out her creations in her Etsy shop, HappenstancePaper.

So Susan has inspired me to take all of these fun cards that I so love to make or buy and send them, with my corny sayings and loads of love, to all of those people who are so important to me. I hope maybe some of you will consider joining me. Just one note a week. Maybe someone will tie a lovely ribbon around the notes they receive from me and keep them just like I did my dad's letters.
Have to run ... I know just who I will be sending that first note to!

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