Friday, February 4, 2011

Say I Love You in Any Color

Who says Valentine's Day has to be all about pink and red and hearts?  You can say I love you in any color.  My kids say it all the time in a little note to me stamped in black, white trails of snow on the floor after they have shoveled me out, and blue t-shirts left behind after an impromptu visit home.  My husband, my king of hearts, says it to me everyday in all different ways and colors, whether showing up at the store in his bright orange cheese hat or surprising me with a beautiful deep purple sweater - just because he loved it and wanted me to have it.

Valentine's Day is not just about cards covered in hearts.  Though the history of the day goes back centuries, what we mostly know of the day seems to be orchestrated by the greeting card marketing machines.  This year, we at Rock Paper Scissors have decided to buck the trend.  We went back through our stashes of fabric and paper and, with a few new things thrown in, put together a wonderful and fun display of lots of ways to say I love you.  Of course there is some pink and red and hearts thrown in there.  We are not anti-St. Valentine and tradition.  We just thought we would have some fun and remind others what the day is really about - taking a moment to say "I love you" to those we love. 

So, stop in and get some inspiration!  Check out your own stashes.  Think outside the pink box!  If you say "I love you" with your heart, no one will ever care what color form it takes!

And parents, drop the kids off on Saturday, 2/5, from 11:00am-12:30pm and let them make their own Valentine's Day cards for their class.  Don't pick up any old pack of cards at the local drugstore!  Let them make their own - with our help, of course.  Fun, original cards that will be all done long before the party!  What could be better than that????

Ciao, for now,


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