Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Join the Stitching Revolution!

Rock Paper Scissors is all about the sublime .... Sublime Stitching, that is! 

We have expanded our embroidery section and loaded up on the patterns, books, threads and fabrics of Jenny Hart, a.k.a Sublime Stitching.  If you are not familiar with Jenny and her fabulous patterns, check out her blog and website.  I think she can be credited with turning the embroidery world upside down.  Her creative and contemporary patterns have made stitching so much more attractive to the crafting world.  They are hip and fun and quick to stitch up.

So, grab those jeans or onesies and stitch a little pattern on them.  Make tea towels for the perfect gift for the newlyweds.  Stitch pillows and pillowcases and jackets and shirts ... you get the picture!  Once you start, you will see a potential stitch spot on everything.

I love to stitch and I stitch on anything.  Cotton, towels, runners, aprons, jeans, silk, wool, paper.  If I can poke a hole in it, I will stitch on it.  

Stitching has always been a part of my crafting life.  It has the most marvelous zen-like quality to it.  It travels well, anyone can do it, it is extremely inexpensive to get started and keep going, and it has the added benefit of instant gratification.  Have ten minutes? You can stitch and see instant results!

Yes, folks, there is a stitching revolution going on!  If you want to be a part of it but don't know how, why don't you join us for "Needle & Hoop", a stitching group that gets together at the store once a month.  Our next meetup is on Saturday, June 11th, at 10:00am-12:00pm.  There is no formal instruction but we all help each other and chat and share and just have a great time.  We have extra hoops and lots of vintage patterns to trace from.  I will even teach you how to create and transfer your own pattern.

So, join this revolution and be sure to include Sublime Stitching in your plans!

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