Monday, June 28, 2010

BFF Summer Program

We are introducing a very cool program this summer for the tween and teen ages. We have dubbed it the BFF Summer program and it is meant to be done with your bff. Working in pairs, the kids share machines, patterns, supplies and create wonderful memories with their bff. We have created some fun workshops where the kids not only learn something new, but do some fun and special stuff with friends. All for the 11-16 year old range. Cost of each program varies. All prices are quoted for each bff pair.

BFF Stampers, July 13th 2-3:30pm

What is the special word or phrase that you share with your bff? Learn to stamp it onto metal blanks and create personalized jewelry that will always remind you of your bff!

Cost: $22.50 per bff pair, including supplies

BFF Memories, July 16th 10am-12pm

Sharing a selection of cool papers, create matching scrapbooks or coordinating ones. You choose. Just come on in and make these cool little scrapbooks to keep all of your memories for the summer and time spent with your bff!

Cost: $24 per bff pair, plus supplies

BFF Swing Bags, July 21st 2-4pm & July 22nd 10am-12pm

Share a pattern, share the fabric and share a machine with your bff in this two-day beginner sewing class. Make a cool swing bag using an Amy Butler pattern. Make them the same or make them coordinating. You two bff's choose!

Cost: $20 per BFF pair, plus supplies for a two day session

BFF Traders, July 27th 2-4pm

Bring in a pair of jeans and learn to embroider and applique a cool design. Here's the catch - you trade jeans and work on your bff's jeans!

Cost: $22.50 per BFF pair, plus those jeans

BFF Swappers, July 30th 10-11:30am

Just like the Traders except we will be working with applique techniques on a tee.

Cost: $20.00 per BFF pair, plus the tee

BFF Stories, Aug 4th 2-4pm & Aug 5th 10am-12pm

Tell your bff story through wall art. In this two day class, you and your bff create fabric collage stories of your friendship. At the end of the class, you will mount the collage on a wooden frame to hang on your wall. Very cool way to tell your story!

Cost: $50 per BFF pair, including supplies

Stay tuned for the final installment of our summer schedule - the long awaited adult program! Up next!

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