Thursday, June 24, 2010

Big Person & Me Summer Classes

As promised, I will start posting the various summer schedules to the blog. Here's the calender for the Big Person & Me Summer Program. These are all approximately 1 hour long, for the 3-5 year old set, when they bring along a Big Person (BP) to work with them. All workshops are $10 for a Big Person & Me pair.

Sock Monsters, July 6th 11am-12pm

Bring a knit sock and we will help turn them into a cute and cuddly monster!

Hat Party, July 9th 1-2pm

Create a hat and have a party! Choose between a clown and a pirate.

Summer Memories, July 14th 11am-12pm

Create a cute little scrapbook to fill with summer memories!

Puppet Show, July 15th 1-2pm

Turn wooden spoons into cute little puppets then put on a show!

Little Woodland, July 20th 11am-12pm

Come and make the cutest little mouse you ever did see! And the toadstool he lives under!

Little Princess, July 23rd 1-2pm

Crown yourself a princess after you make this cutey tiara and wand!

Monsters, Monsters, July 28th 11-12pm

Make it scary or make it kooky but just come make these great felt monsters!

Confections, July 29th 1-2pm

Help us turn the workroom into a "bakery" when we make sweet felt confections!

Puppet Show II, Aug 3rd 11am-12pm

Put on another puppet show after you create cute little finger puppets!

Tee Creatures, Aug 6th 1-2pm

You bring in an old t-shirt and we will help you turn them into zany creatures!

Love You Cards, Aug 11th 11am-12pm

Create a stack of little Love You cards to send to all of your special someones!

Remember, class sizes are limited so sign up early to reserve your space!

Keep checking back to the blog as we add the other schedules for Big Kid classes, Tween & Teen classes, the BFF Summer program and Adult classes.

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