Friday, June 25, 2010

Big Kids Summer Program

Next up, the schedule for the Big Kids Summer Program, for ages 6-10 years. Again, they are all run workshop style so you sign up for those that interest your big kids. Most classes are $15 plus an occasional supply.

What's Your Sign, July 7th 11am-1pm

Banners are taking indoor and outdoor rooms by storm! Come in and make one of your own!

What A Hoot!, July 8th 1-3pm

Everyone loves owls. Make a cute little owl friend of your own!

Tee Creatures, July 13th 11am-1pm

You bring in the old t-shirt and we help transform it into a zany creature!

Summer Memories, July 16th 12-2pm

Make a cool little scrapbook that you can fill over the summer with pictures and memories!

So Sew, July 21st 11am-1pm

Be ready for all your sewing projects after creating a cool little needle book and pincushion!

Silly String, July 22nd 1-3pm

Silly or cool, just come learn to create awesome strung jewelry!

In Stitches, July 27th 1-3pm

You bring the jeans or jacket, we teach you to design, embroider and make it your own!

Book 'Em, Danno! July 30th, 12-2pm

Don't let the crazy name fool you! This book making class is awesome!

Fisty Friends, Aug 4th 11am-1pm

Turn a lonesome winter glove into a cool creature!

Library Clothes, Aug 5th 1-3pm

Come on in and create "clothes" (well, a personalized cover) for a book or journal!

Cozies, Aug 10th, 11am-1pm

Design, stitch and decorate your way to a cool phone or MP3 player cover!

A House is a Home, Aug 13th 12-3pm

For the more adventurous student, join us for an afternoon of felt house making!

As always, class sizes are limited so sign up early to save your space.

Next up, the Tweens & Teens program for ages 11-15.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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