Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tweens & Teens Summer Program

As promised, I am working my way through our very full summer calendar of workshops for all ages. This post will cover Tweens & Teens, ages 11-15. Most workshops are $15 plus a few supplies for some of the workshops. Sewing machines and other tools are provided for all classes.

Cozies, July 6th 2-4pm

Design, sew and embellish your way to a cool cozy for your phone or MP3 player!

Summer in a Box, July 9th 10am-12pm

Make these cool scrapbooks that store in a little candy tin! Great to carry around to show off what you did on your summer vacation!

Happy Feet, July 14th 2-4pm

You bring in a pair of canvas sneakers and we help you transform them into cool shoes with various embroidery stitches!

Pillow Talk, July 15th 10am-12pm

A beginner sewing class where you make an envelope style pillow cover!

Summer Jewels, July 20th 1-3pm

Learn the basics of beading while creating fun summer jewelry!

What's Your Sign, July 23rd, 9:30am-12:00pm

Banners are back but this time we are stitching, stamping and embroidering cloth banners!

** Note: The cost of this class is $20 plus some supplies

Secret Treasure, July 28th 1-3pm

Create a secret hiding place inside a book then decorate it with fabulous stuff!

A Little Altered Couture, July 29th 10am-12pm

Bring in a tank and, with a little crafty magic, leave with a cool baby doll top!

Modified Denim, Aug 3rd 2-4pm

You bring in jeans or a denim jacket and we will show you how to applique and embroider them with your own designs!

Bakery Time, Aug 6th 10am-12pm

Using fabulous Japanese designs, we will create amazing felt confections!

Coded Messages, Aug 11th 2-4pm AND Aug 12th 10am-12pm

In this two day workshop, we will create a very cool messenger bag! Great for those fall books!

** Note: The cost of this 2-day workshop is $25.

As with all of all of our programs, class sizes are limited so sign up early to save your spot!

Stay tuned for news about our very cool and crafty BFF Summer Program!

Enjoy the sun,


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