Monday, June 28, 2010

BFF Summer Program

We are introducing a very cool program this summer for the tween and teen ages. We have dubbed it the BFF Summer program and it is meant to be done with your bff. Working in pairs, the kids share machines, patterns, supplies and create wonderful memories with their bff. We have created some fun workshops where the kids not only learn something new, but do some fun and special stuff with friends. All for the 11-16 year old range. Cost of each program varies. All prices are quoted for each bff pair.

BFF Stampers, July 13th 2-3:30pm

What is the special word or phrase that you share with your bff? Learn to stamp it onto metal blanks and create personalized jewelry that will always remind you of your bff!

Cost: $22.50 per bff pair, including supplies

BFF Memories, July 16th 10am-12pm

Sharing a selection of cool papers, create matching scrapbooks or coordinating ones. You choose. Just come on in and make these cool little scrapbooks to keep all of your memories for the summer and time spent with your bff!

Cost: $24 per bff pair, plus supplies

BFF Swing Bags, July 21st 2-4pm & July 22nd 10am-12pm

Share a pattern, share the fabric and share a machine with your bff in this two-day beginner sewing class. Make a cool swing bag using an Amy Butler pattern. Make them the same or make them coordinating. You two bff's choose!

Cost: $20 per BFF pair, plus supplies for a two day session

BFF Traders, July 27th 2-4pm

Bring in a pair of jeans and learn to embroider and applique a cool design. Here's the catch - you trade jeans and work on your bff's jeans!

Cost: $22.50 per BFF pair, plus those jeans

BFF Swappers, July 30th 10-11:30am

Just like the Traders except we will be working with applique techniques on a tee.

Cost: $20.00 per BFF pair, plus the tee

BFF Stories, Aug 4th 2-4pm & Aug 5th 10am-12pm

Tell your bff story through wall art. In this two day class, you and your bff create fabric collage stories of your friendship. At the end of the class, you will mount the collage on a wooden frame to hang on your wall. Very cool way to tell your story!

Cost: $50 per BFF pair, including supplies

Stay tuned for the final installment of our summer schedule - the long awaited adult program! Up next!

Stay cool,


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tweens & Teens Summer Program

As promised, I am working my way through our very full summer calendar of workshops for all ages. This post will cover Tweens & Teens, ages 11-15. Most workshops are $15 plus a few supplies for some of the workshops. Sewing machines and other tools are provided for all classes.

Cozies, July 6th 2-4pm

Design, sew and embellish your way to a cool cozy for your phone or MP3 player!

Summer in a Box, July 9th 10am-12pm

Make these cool scrapbooks that store in a little candy tin! Great to carry around to show off what you did on your summer vacation!

Happy Feet, July 14th 2-4pm

You bring in a pair of canvas sneakers and we help you transform them into cool shoes with various embroidery stitches!

Pillow Talk, July 15th 10am-12pm

A beginner sewing class where you make an envelope style pillow cover!

Summer Jewels, July 20th 1-3pm

Learn the basics of beading while creating fun summer jewelry!

What's Your Sign, July 23rd, 9:30am-12:00pm

Banners are back but this time we are stitching, stamping and embroidering cloth banners!

** Note: The cost of this class is $20 plus some supplies

Secret Treasure, July 28th 1-3pm

Create a secret hiding place inside a book then decorate it with fabulous stuff!

A Little Altered Couture, July 29th 10am-12pm

Bring in a tank and, with a little crafty magic, leave with a cool baby doll top!

Modified Denim, Aug 3rd 2-4pm

You bring in jeans or a denim jacket and we will show you how to applique and embroider them with your own designs!

Bakery Time, Aug 6th 10am-12pm

Using fabulous Japanese designs, we will create amazing felt confections!

Coded Messages, Aug 11th 2-4pm AND Aug 12th 10am-12pm

In this two day workshop, we will create a very cool messenger bag! Great for those fall books!

** Note: The cost of this 2-day workshop is $25.

As with all of all of our programs, class sizes are limited so sign up early to save your spot!

Stay tuned for news about our very cool and crafty BFF Summer Program!

Enjoy the sun,


Friday, June 25, 2010

Big Kids Summer Program

Next up, the schedule for the Big Kids Summer Program, for ages 6-10 years. Again, they are all run workshop style so you sign up for those that interest your big kids. Most classes are $15 plus an occasional supply.

What's Your Sign, July 7th 11am-1pm

Banners are taking indoor and outdoor rooms by storm! Come in and make one of your own!

What A Hoot!, July 8th 1-3pm

Everyone loves owls. Make a cute little owl friend of your own!

Tee Creatures, July 13th 11am-1pm

You bring in the old t-shirt and we help transform it into a zany creature!

Summer Memories, July 16th 12-2pm

Make a cool little scrapbook that you can fill over the summer with pictures and memories!

So Sew, July 21st 11am-1pm

Be ready for all your sewing projects after creating a cool little needle book and pincushion!

Silly String, July 22nd 1-3pm

Silly or cool, just come learn to create awesome strung jewelry!

In Stitches, July 27th 1-3pm

You bring the jeans or jacket, we teach you to design, embroider and make it your own!

Book 'Em, Danno! July 30th, 12-2pm

Don't let the crazy name fool you! This book making class is awesome!

Fisty Friends, Aug 4th 11am-1pm

Turn a lonesome winter glove into a cool creature!

Library Clothes, Aug 5th 1-3pm

Come on in and create "clothes" (well, a personalized cover) for a book or journal!

Cozies, Aug 10th, 11am-1pm

Design, stitch and decorate your way to a cool phone or MP3 player cover!

A House is a Home, Aug 13th 12-3pm

For the more adventurous student, join us for an afternoon of felt house making!

As always, class sizes are limited so sign up early to save your space.

Next up, the Tweens & Teens program for ages 11-15.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Big Person & Me Summer Classes

As promised, I will start posting the various summer schedules to the blog. Here's the calender for the Big Person & Me Summer Program. These are all approximately 1 hour long, for the 3-5 year old set, when they bring along a Big Person (BP) to work with them. All workshops are $10 for a Big Person & Me pair.

Sock Monsters, July 6th 11am-12pm

Bring a knit sock and we will help turn them into a cute and cuddly monster!

Hat Party, July 9th 1-2pm

Create a hat and have a party! Choose between a clown and a pirate.

Summer Memories, July 14th 11am-12pm

Create a cute little scrapbook to fill with summer memories!

Puppet Show, July 15th 1-2pm

Turn wooden spoons into cute little puppets then put on a show!

Little Woodland, July 20th 11am-12pm

Come and make the cutest little mouse you ever did see! And the toadstool he lives under!

Little Princess, July 23rd 1-2pm

Crown yourself a princess after you make this cutey tiara and wand!

Monsters, Monsters, July 28th 11-12pm

Make it scary or make it kooky but just come make these great felt monsters!

Confections, July 29th 1-2pm

Help us turn the workroom into a "bakery" when we make sweet felt confections!

Puppet Show II, Aug 3rd 11am-12pm

Put on another puppet show after you create cute little finger puppets!

Tee Creatures, Aug 6th 1-2pm

You bring in an old t-shirt and we will help you turn them into zany creatures!

Love You Cards, Aug 11th 11am-12pm

Create a stack of little Love You cards to send to all of your special someones!

Remember, class sizes are limited so sign up early to reserve your space!

Keep checking back to the blog as we add the other schedules for Big Kid classes, Tween & Teen classes, the BFF Summer program and Adult classes.

Ta Ta,


Monday, June 21, 2010

What's New at Rock Paper Scissors

We have so many things going on at Rock Paper Scissors! Whew ... it has been such a busy month! And July and August are shaping up to be busier still. Hope you have time to come in and share some crafty fun with all of us!

First of all, the Amy Butler Trunk Show is only here for one more week. If you haven't stopped in to see all of these delicious creations from Amy's Midwest Studio, you really must stop by. We will be packing up next Monday to ship back so time is running out!

Amy has sent along a wide variety of bags and clothes and goodies all made up in her fabulous prints. There is lots from the Love collection and some from her older collections. You have to see the Little Splashes raincoat made from her laminated cotton. Now everyone will see what I have been talking about! These laminated cottons are soft and supple and perfect for Amy's Little Splashes pattern. Now, to find time to make the big girl version of this coat for me!

Our summer schedule is out! Finally! We have a packed schedule for all ages. We have workshops for 3-5 year olds (Big Person & Me), 6-10 year olds (Big Kids), 11-15 year olds (Tweens & Teens) and all the rest of us (Adults, from 16 on up). We are also introducing our BFF Summer program where 11-15 year olds can come in and share crafty fun with their bff's. The list is so long I can't include them all on this post. I will start posting schedules for each category over the next week. Watch for blog updates! Or call us or email us at the store. Class sizes are limited so register early!

We have also been receiving some fantastic shipments in. Webster's Pages has arrived! We love this line! The papers are wonderful and whimsical with splashes of vibrant color.

And the embellishments ... they are fantastic. Look at these trims!

We have been getting shipments of new fabric. Check out the Tufted Tweets line from Laurie Wisbrun at Robert Kaufman! They are so fabulously cool! Full of beautiful furniture lines (the Tufted) and birds (the Tweets). Very creative!

We received a wonderful selection from Lecien out of Japan. We have some bold canvas as well as lovely apparel weight cottons and, of course, their cutey little children's Minny Mui Plus prints. Come check out our section of Japanese fabrics from Kokka and Lecien.

We continue to add more and more goodies to the Rock tables! Come check it out. There are always lovely new items. Poke through the bowls to discover a new vintage treasure!

We want to say thanks to all who have been so excited and encouraging about the shop and our classes and our crafty goodies. We really appreciate all of the support!

Ciao, for now,


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Grand Opening!

We are so ready for the Grand Opening celebration coming on Saturday, June 12th, from 10am-6pm! Come check us out - we are located at 15 Bloomfield Ave in Montclair, right down the way from Panera Bread. The staff has been so busy getting everything ready for a fun-filled, "get your crafty on" kind of day!

We will start in the morning with goodie bags filled with all kinds of craft goodness, made by the ultra-lovely staff at Rock Paper Scissors. We won't tell you what is in them but the first 25 people to the store will get some fun surprises ... as well as their very own cherry pie! The good, old fashioned retro kind of cherry pie!

You can feast your eyes on all the fab Amy Butler fashions and bags! Yes, the trunk show has arrived and is being modeled by all of our lovely manni friends (mannequins, that is) as we speak. Just feast your eyes on that front window! We have Amy's complete Love collection, both cotton and Home Dec, as well as most of her patterns. Watch for some of our fashionista staff to be modeling the collection throughout the day.

All day long, kids can make a heatfelt and handmade card for Dad, or Grandpa, or that special guy in their life, all in anticipation of Father's Day next week. Stop at the card table and glue, stamp and embellish your message in a way that your hero will treasure forever.

Naomi Jacobs will be joining us from 11am-1pm to beautify some arms with henna tattoos. Let go laughing and try a tat! No worries ... these gorgeous designs are safe and natural and wear off within a month. I think I will even try one of them!

Glen Ridge Mayor (and friend) Peter Hughes will do the honor of cutting the red ribbon at 2:00, marking the official Grand Opening of Rock Paper Scissors! I extend a heatfelt thank you, in advance, to Peter for his time.

Claire Baker of Montclair Made will be hosting some open crafting in our classroom. Come make brown paper books to jot your ideas, the coolest of retro tags, and other goodies. Claire makes awesome and clever items out of recycled goods. Visit Claire and her helpers and start livin' green!

At 5:00, we will draw the names for the fabulous crafty raffle baskets! Each basket is filled with crafty goodies and freebies and surprises and other good stuff. Come check them out! Everyone gets a chance. Grab your tickets when you get to the store and drop them in the bucket of your choice. Winner need not be present to win. Though you just might want to be!

All day long, we will have food to nibble on and crafty goodness to share. Our local artist friends have graced our space with some of their amazing creations. Check out our collection of vintage beads and gorgeous paper and fancy and very, very cool embellishments and really fun embroidery drawers and, oh let's not forget, the unbelievable fabric and vintage buttons and vintage paper packs and ... I have to stop now. I know I am rambling. We hope you can join us. We are all just so excited to show off this happy beautiful creative space we love so much!

Until Saturday,



Sunday, June 6, 2010

Classes starting!

Classes are starting this week and we couldn't be more excited!

We kick off June classes on June 9th with Pillow Talk, a sewing class for beginners or those who feel a bit rusty at the machine. Learn basic sewing skills while you make two pillow covers, including one with a zipper. Machines and tools provided.

June 9th, 7-9pm
Beth Rowan, Instructor
$20 + supplies

Here's the rest of the schedule for the month of June:

Are these the cutest cards you ever did see???

Sweet Summer Notes , June 16th, 11-12:30pm OR June 16th, 7-8:30pm

Make some sweet note cards using paper and a few simple cutting and embellishing techniques. Use the instructor's designs or your own. So much better than store bought! For beginner card makers and above.

Cost: $15 plus supplies, Instructor: Aubrey Cece

You have to stop by the store to see this bag in person!

Foldable Market Bag, June 18th, 4-5:30pm

Go green! Create a reusable market bag that folds into a wallet for easy storage. Our instructor will teach you how to embellish the bag with a few easy tricks to make it your own. For confident beginners. Machines and tools provided.

Cost: $20 plus supplies, Instructor: Anna Lehmann

And here it is all folded up. Stick this in your purse and you will never forget the reusable bag again!

I can't wait to take this class with Miriam. Her carved stamps are amazing!

, June 19th, 2-4pm

Learn to carve your OWN stamps! Draw freehand or use an image, then wield that exacto knife to create your own personalized stamp - for use on paper, fabric, or whatever your creative wishes! For beginners with some comfort with an exacto knife.

Cost: $20 plus supplies, Instructor: Miriam Jacobs

Secret Garden , June 24th, 11-12:30pm OR June 15th, 7-8:30pm

Learn the basics of jewelry making while using some of those fabulous floral pieces that we have in stock in the Rock Section of the store. Use our designs or choose your own - be it retro and bold or soft and sweet - and make a necklace and at least one pair of earrings. For beginner beaders. Tools provided.

Cost: $20 plus supplies, Instructor: Beth Rowan

What a great gift this little scrapbook would make!

Paper Bag Scrapbook , June 24th, 11-12:30pm OR June 15th, 7-8:30pm

Using brown paper bags (yup, lunch bags!), make a cool little scrapbook with secret places for your treasures. Follow the instructor's design or embellish your book with your own design. These make great gifts! For beginner level and above.

Cost: $20 plus supplies, Instructor: Aubrey Cece

Stop by the store or call us to register. All class sizes are limited so get your name on that list!

Samples of the class items are in the store. Supply lists will be available when you register. Supplies will be available from the shop or you can bring your own from home.

Bonus *** 10% off all purchases on the day you take a class!

Be on the lookout for the summer schedule coming soon!