Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our newest paper obsessions...I mean, lines...

We are super excited to have two great new lines coming in the next few weeks!

The first is one is one of the new lines from Cosmo Cricket called Social Club.

I just want to surround myself with and wrap myself up in all the beautiful teal, gold and peacock feathers! I can't wait to start creating!

The second is from one of our favorite companies, Graphic 45, called Le Cirque. Their colors are always beautiful, the images always so wonderful. Just imagine a paper bag album using these great papers.
We can hardly stand the waiting! Can't wait to create with you soon!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beat the Winter Blues!

We have taken a pounding here in the Northeast this winter and we are all pretty tired of it!  Snow, ice, rain, wind, repeat.  Will it ever end?

Here are Rock Paper Scissors, we have decided to beat those winter blues by running some new workshops.  They are fun and free and all blue!

We will start with our little girl Effie.  Is she too stinkin' cute or what?  Join Beth as we stitch along to Heather Bailey's Effie & Ollie Pattern and create this adorable elephant.  It is a perfect little pattern, so cleanly done.  For our little sample in the store, pictured here, we blew the pattern up to 150%.  You can choose to make the "Ollie" version if you want.  He has a star or heart appliqued on his side where Effie has the little flowers in her hair.  What a perfect little gift for a pregnant friend or your kids.  Or you can save her for yourself!

We will run two sessions of this workshop, one on March 1st at 6:30pm and the second on March 2nd at 11:00am.  Previous sewing experience required.

Our second workshop in the Beat the Winter Blues series is making this gorgeous dish of paper flowers and spheres.  Join Aubrey to learn how to fold and wrap and magically create these gorgeous flowers pictured above and below.  Wouldn't these look perfect in the middle of your table or on your mantle?  Chase Old Man Winter away when you transform simple paper into fabulous creations!

We will run this workshop on March 11th at 11:00am.  Beginner and experienced paper crafters are welcome!

We can give you a supply list for the workshops or you can purchase one of our supply bags.  Our bags will contain all you need to make one elephant or a bunch of flowers and spheres.  And you guessed it - everything will be in delectable shades of blue!  And the supply bags will be 15% off. 

Class sizes are limited so call the store to register today!  And, did we mention that the workshops are free?  Just let us know if you will be purchasing a supply bag from us.

So join us as we Beat those Winter Blues!  Yup, chase them right back up to the North Pole because we are so done!

See you soon!

Beth & Aubrey

Friday, February 11, 2011

Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas

The Big Love day is almost upon us!  If you have put off the kids' cards long enough, here are a few ideas that can easily be completed over the weekend.  Make the card exchange both fun and rewarding this year!

Posy Flower Lollipops

These cute little flowers hide a lollipop in between two flower shapes.  They are fast and easy to pop out and the kids will always love giving a sweet treat.  Since these flowers are small and can be done in any color, it is a great way to use up all those little scraps in your stash!  Use lots of colors and patterns to make a beautiful bouquet.


various colored or patterned cardstock paper
a 2" or larger scalloped punch or circle punch *
a 1" circle punch *
flat lollipops
pens or markers
cute little ribbons cut into 4-1/2" lengths
glue sticks or glue dots

(* Note:  if you don't have a punch, just cut out shapes with scissors)

1.  Figure out the number of cards you will need.  Punch (or cut) that number of shapes with the smaller shaped punch, using only solid colored card stock.  Write cute little messages on these smaller shapes.  "I pick you", "Be Mine", "A Flower for You" are all good ones.
2.  Multiply the number of cards you need by 2.  Punch (or cut) that number of the larger shapes.
3.  On half of the larger shapes, glue a smaller shape in the center.
4.  On the other half of the larger shapes, you or your child can write their name.

5.  Glue the two shapes to both sides of a flat lollipop, making sure the message and the child's name are facing outward on either side.
6.  Tie a small length of ribbon around the lollipop stick.

Voila!  A bouquet of valentine flowers!

Popping Up Lollipops
More cute flowers for Valentine's Day!  These ones use the Tootsie pop or Dum Dum style round lollipops as the center of the flower.  Again, use lots of different colors and patterns to make a beautiful bouquet.

various colored or patterned cardstock paper
green cardstock
a 2" or larger flower punch *
a smaller flower punch (optional) *
a 1-3/4" leaf punch or template *
round lollipops
pens or markers
glue sticks or glue dots

(* Note: if you don't have a punch, just cut out shapes with scissors.  A Sissix or Cricut die works well also.)

1. Figure out the number of cards you will need. Punch (or cut) that number of leaf shapes using the green cardstock.  Write cute little messages on the leaves. "I pick you", "Be Mine", "A Flower for You", "You're Sweet" ... you get the picture! 
2. Punch (or cut) enough flower shapes so that each flower has 2-3 rows of petals.  Mix up colors and patterns.
3. Punch a small hole in the center of each flower using a small hole punch, a snip of the scissors or even a pen.
4. To assemble the flower, push one or two flower shapes onto the lollipop stick.  Glue the leaf on the last flower shape.  Push this on the stick with the message facing upward.

Presto! Another bouquet! 

Simple Messages of Love
These are beautiful little cards that convey your message through simple words.  These cards are great for the tween & teen set ... or for you!  Remember, you can say "I Love You" in any color so use whatever colorway strikes your fancy (or that you have in your stash!).


solid colored cardstock (plain or textured)
stickers, patterned cardstock or old magazine or book pages
printed words from stickers or old magazine and book pages
glue or glue stick
(Note:  we used Bazzill textured cardstock on Wildberry and stickers from the Garden Gala collection from Webster's Pages)

1.  Cut the desired number of cards from the solid cardstock, measuring 4"x6".  Fold in half so the card now measures 4"x3".
2.  If using patterned cardstock or old magazines/pages, cut or punch 1" circles.  You should have enough for 3 circles per card.
3.  Stick or glue the circles to the bottom right hand side of each card, spacing evenly.
4.  Cut the desired words to convey your message from the stickers or old pages.  Vintage pages from books and dictionaries look especially cool here.
5.  Stick or glue the words to the bottom of each circle.

Write your sentiment on the inside and you have a beautiful, simple card that conveys everything you want it to!

A Whole Bottle of Love
Who wouldn't want to get one of these little bottles of love????  Filled with candy hearts, these make great little gifts for teachers and friends.  Just make a quick wrap, fill with candy hearts, and you are good to go with your message of love!

small bottles (we used recycled spice jars; you can also look at dollar stores for similar ones)
various colored or patterned cardstock paper
small paper flower embellishments
glue sticks or glue dots
candy hearts

1. Figure out the number of jars you will make.  Cut or punch two sizes of circles for each bottle from the cardstock.
2.  Measure the circumference of the bottle.  Add 1".  Cut strips from the cardstock measuring 3/4" wide times the circumference of the bottle.
3. To assemble the wrap,  cut small slits in the two circles for the brad.  Putting the slits slightly off center creates a cool look.  Find the center of the long rectangle.  Mark a point 1/4" to the left of the center and 1/8" up.  Cut a slit at this point, being careful not to cut through the edge.  Gently push the brad through the flower, the smaller circle, the larger circle, then the rectangle.  Push the metal brad pieces apart to hold it all together.
4.  Attach the wrap to the bottle by centering the design portion halfway up the bottle.  Bring the two ends together in the back.  Glue about 1/2 of both ends.  Overlap the ends, glue side together, and press firmly.

Many thanks to our fabulous Paper Doll, Aubrey Cece, who shared all these fun Valentine's projects with us.  Stop in the store for more great inspiration from her!

We hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day filled with love of every color!



Friday, February 4, 2011

Say I Love You in Any Color

Who says Valentine's Day has to be all about pink and red and hearts?  You can say I love you in any color.  My kids say it all the time in a little note to me stamped in black, white trails of snow on the floor after they have shoveled me out, and blue t-shirts left behind after an impromptu visit home.  My husband, my king of hearts, says it to me everyday in all different ways and colors, whether showing up at the store in his bright orange cheese hat or surprising me with a beautiful deep purple sweater - just because he loved it and wanted me to have it.

Valentine's Day is not just about cards covered in hearts.  Though the history of the day goes back centuries, what we mostly know of the day seems to be orchestrated by the greeting card marketing machines.  This year, we at Rock Paper Scissors have decided to buck the trend.  We went back through our stashes of fabric and paper and, with a few new things thrown in, put together a wonderful and fun display of lots of ways to say I love you.  Of course there is some pink and red and hearts thrown in there.  We are not anti-St. Valentine and tradition.  We just thought we would have some fun and remind others what the day is really about - taking a moment to say "I love you" to those we love. 

So, stop in and get some inspiration!  Check out your own stashes.  Think outside the pink box!  If you say "I love you" with your heart, no one will ever care what color form it takes!

And parents, drop the kids off on Saturday, 2/5, from 11:00am-12:30pm and let them make their own Valentine's Day cards for their class.  Don't pick up any old pack of cards at the local drugstore!  Let them make their own - with our help, of course.  Fun, original cards that will be all done long before the party!  What could be better than that????

Ciao, for now,