Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Flirting the Day Away

Welcome Back!!!

Life got in the way, business grew, babies were born.  The list is endless but suffice it to say we are back to the blog!  We have lots of fun little projects and ideas that we want to share with more than just our brick and mortar customers.  So, resurrect the blog we say!

And what better way to start again than a day spent with Flirt - the lovely collection from Dear Stella Fabrics!

I love this collection!  It is so pretty and sweet and feminine.  Perfect for little girls (and big girls too!) without being childish.

I decided to make a lovely stroller blanket for a friend's new baby girl (actually two months old now but that is how I roll).  These stroller blankets started as a little seed of an idea from my friend Stephanie.  I made some for some babies in my life.  Then I made one for a sample in the store.  Then I made more for some more new babies.  See how life happens?  Moms love them because they are the perfect size to throw over baby and toddler alike in the stroller and they tie on to the stroller.  Look, Mom, no constantly picking up the blanket!  Backed with faux sherpa (or organic fleece), they are warm without being too hot.   Perfect gift idea.  I guarantee these will be the only stroller blanket at the baby shower!

When I saw Flirt, I knew it would be the perfect gift for little Copper and her Mom.  Elegant but feminine.  I used seven fat quarters from this collection, as well as an eighth for the binding.

Follow along to see how easy breezy this blanket is!  At the bottom of this post, you can download full PDF directions to have on hand.

I started by fussy cutting some beautiful elements from a focus fabric.  I really wanted all the lovely florals from this print to stand out.  I also fussy cut two other fabrics.

I then cut my squares from the last four fabrics and pieced them into a simple design.

After basting it to the faux sherpa (no batting needed!!!), I hand tied each intersecting corner with size 5 perle, my go-to for hand tying quilts.   Tie right through both layers.  You will see that the dense pile of the Sherpa hides the back of the ties.  Nifty and neat!

After all the corners are tied - but BEFORE I remove my basting pins - I quickly hand baste the edges of the entire quilt.  This step only takes ten minutes but don't skip it!  The sherpa is a knit and has lots of stretch.  The hand basting will hold it all in place when you bind your blanket and you will be much happier with the end result.  I promise.

After binding the quilt, I use the leftovers to create two ties.  You can also use a wider loop with buttons if you prefer.  I sew them on six inches down from the top so that a natural fold occurs, showing off that soft and fuzzy inside.

Look at that!!  Sweet, soft and all made in a morning!  Does it get any better - or Flirtier - than that ?

Hope you have some time to make one of these for that little one in your life!

We will have kits available on our Etsy shop soon.

Download the directions here.  If you are assembling a top using seven different fabrics, as I did here, download this diagram.  If you choose to use five different fabrics, use this diagram.

Until next time (and we promise it will not be another two years) ...