Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Check Out These Dolls!

Deniboo Dolls are gorgeously handcrafted by local artisan and author, Denise Lewis Patrick.  They are simply amazing!  I am afraid that my pictures and my words can never do them justice.  You have to see them for yourself! 

Each doll's character comes alive in all the little details.  Denise has handmade every bit from the hair to the clothing, the jewelry and the shoes, right down to the undies each wears! 

When I first met Denise in the store, she told me about the doll she was making - a Nora Zeale Hurston inspired doll for a relative.  Not only was I fascinated by Denise's doll making process and inspiration, but I became entranced with the way each doll developed a character as she was making it.  By the time the doll was complete, the story was woven - from what the doll liked to do in their spare time to their likes and dislikes.  When Denise brought the final product in for me to see, I was hooked!

On display in the store are a series of eight dolls, including the 60's-centric rad couple, Rashidah and Huey, sisters Sophronia and Caldonia, sassy Lavender Lewis dressed head to toe in shades of purple, Lil' Katrina who loves her polka dots, Violet Sockwell - the only one made from a sock - and, my personal favorite, Johnny Ray "Cool Daddy" Randolph replete in his snakeskin shoes.

Denise's work is currently on display at Rock Paper Scissors for just a little while longer.  Stop in and check them out.  They are truly works of art.  Don't miss a detail!