Monday, October 10, 2016

Beginner SkillZ Workshop Series

Calling all new sewers!  Or those that want to improve or learn certain skills.  Or those that haven't sewn since the good old high school days.  We have a new series geared just to you!  The Beginner SkillZ Series?

And what exactly is the Beginner SkillZ Series?  It is a series of six independent project-based workshops, all geared to the new or "rusty" sewer.  Each class will review basic sewing machine skills, such as winding a bobbin, threading the machine and  sewing a straight line.  The you will move into a specific set of skills that is learned from that project.  It could be finishing seams, sewing on buttons, topstitching, or sewing a lining.  Then you will move on to completing the project!

You can sign up for as many as you would like.  The idea is to learn through a certain amount of repetition.  Choose from an envelope style pillow cover, a tote bag, an apron, a pillowcase, a Christmas stocking, and/or a lined drawstring bag.  All projects are useful, functional, and also make great gifts for the holidays!  Each class is only two evenings, two hours each evening, and you should leave with a completed project.

What is the difference between this series and our Beginner Sewing Workshop?  Beginning Sewing is a 3-part class (or all day Saturday), usually run during the day, that methodically guides you through the sewing process, making a tote with boxed corners at the end.  Melissa (A Happy Stitch)  teaches good sewing habits and skills, very methodically, in her workshop.

Some people can't take a class during the day or are finding it hard to commit to three consecutive weeks.  Enter Beginner SkillZ.  Shorter in nature, these workshops require a two week commitment (or 4 hours on a Sunday) and are generally quicker.  You may have to take a couple to really start getting the hang of beginning sewing.  They are also geared towards someone who just needs a little refresher in certain skills.

So, check out the class calendar and call the store to sign up!!!  Samples of each project are on display at the store.

Hope to see you soon!