Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quick and easy Thanksgiving ideas!

Hey! It's been a while. In case you forgot, Thanksgiving is next week and if you are like me, you usually find yourself scrambling with to figure out place cards and thankful ideas. I figured while I have a little time and my daughter is napping I'd throw a few ideas out there to help you out (if you need help that is).

I made a little scrapbook a few years ago and added a pocket in the back for the thankful notes people wrote. 
 They were simply clip art I printed and colored (pre kids I apparently had time to do that)

Another year I used my Cricut to cut out all sorts of tags. You could have the kids cut out shapes or simply buy some tags or  even just use blank cards or strips of paper, punch a hole and use a ring or string to hold them together! (and you've made a mini book, which is some of my favorite things to make)

If you're looking for a centerpiece idea to use for your thankful notes, you may recognize this from the store, a thankful tree. Collect some branches, use leaf cutouts (or real leaves you modpodged or contact papered) and hang them from the branches. Use a vase, or uber cute and trendy canning jars.

Have some corks from all the wine you've drunk? I may have a few (hundred) laying around. They could be used for the notes. They would be cute in a vase, bowl, jar...displayed all year round

Corks are also great for place card holders.

Here's a cute one you could use for the kids table. Take a lunch bag and put some candy, crayons, or little toys inside. Add a little bone, tie it up with some string, or make it easy and use an elastic band like I did and...

Voila! You've got a place marker + for the kids

 Last for today I made a simple napkin fold with a place card and thankful note all in one. I did two versions of the napkin, one a tri-fold with the 'book' on top and one simply tied with the 'book' stuck in. I'm definitely doing one of these for this Thanksgiving.

I'll try to be back tomorrow with some more quick and easy ideas. If you have any ideas you've done or plan on doing, please share! We have a flickr page to get inspired and share ideas.